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  • Apoptosis – a minimalist puzzle game about death

    Apoptosis – a minimalist puzzle game about death

    tldr: I made a new (small) game. It’s a puzzle game, it’s free and it’s playable in-browser. It’s called APOPTOSIS. Go play it on itch. I’ve had the idea of making some sort of game out of the concept of programmed cell death for a long time. At the risk of sounding sentimental, the germ […]

  • 2021 – My year in game design

    2021 – My year in game design

    Oof. Do you remember the end of 2020, when it looked like there was a light at the end of the tunnel. Who would have said it was an incoming train? Anyway, video games. Another year, another recap of my year in game design. What caught my attention? What will I associate with this year? […]

  • 2020 – My year in game design

    2020 – My year in game design

    Sometimes the old itch to write comes back and the end of the year is always a good time to make lists and retrospectives. So, I decided to write one on what happened in the world of game design during 2020. There is pretty much nothing here on what I do during my day job […]

  • Making Pancakes? Pancakes!

    Making Pancakes? Pancakes!

    It began when I started collecting old Nintendo Game & Watch. I got my hands on one of these old LCD handhelds from the early 80s and I feel in love. Of course in part it is nostalgia, but there’s also something so charming and compelling about these tiny games based on modified pocket calculators. […]

  • Media Molecule played a game I made in Dreams

    Media Molecule played a game I made in Dreams

    As a huge fan of Media Molecule, it was a delight when, on their weekly highlight stream, I saw them playing the game I made in Dreams. Even better, they said nice things about it! The game is called Mini Astro in Timeland and is a platform-adventure I made with input from my kids. I […]

  • New site

    Hi, I lost my site and I’m working on fixing it. Come back – hopefully – soon to see the new site. In the meantime, if you need to contact me write me to the address made by my name plus @cinquemani.it See you soon, Ferruccio EDIT: I made it! The site is back, still […]

  • Unreal Tournament CTF Map – The Cake

    Overview: The Cake is a medium sized action-oriented Unreal Tournament Capture The Flag map designed for 8 or 6 players. Goal: The map is designed for dramatic changes of pace and basic but balanced strategic planning. Ideally the setting of the map should be a space station or similar sci-fi ambient. The gimmick: the cake […]

  • Making of Apeheart on Made With Unity

    I wrote an article for Made With Unity about the making of our biggest school project, the 3D puzzle platformer Apeheart. In the article I talk about some design and coding decisions I took to try and get the most done in a relatively short production time. The article got the homepage spotlight from Unity, […]

  • Breaking Brix – Breaking down a design exercise

    So, let’s try to kick off this part of the site with something that might be useful or interesting. What I would like to do in this post is break down the design of my latest game, Breaking Brix, and analyze the decisions I took and why I took them. I honestly do not know if […]