The Dino-Tastic Adventure of Amelia Apeheart – 2017

What is it

  • 3D puzzle-platformer inspired by Nintendo64-era platformers, but with a focus on exploration and environmental puzzles. The player can use wind, fire and ice to interact, destroy or move dynamic objects in the environment.
  • Made with Unity in 7 weeks of production as third and final game project of the first year of Futuregames school.
  • The game is made of two large levels, with a playtime of 30/40 minutes.

I wrote about the making of this game and some of its systems in an article on Made with Unity.

What I did in this project

Lead Designer, Programmer and Product Owner. I wrote almost all the code, designed the systems in the game and I led the team during development as well as designing some of the puzzles.

What am I most proud of

I made a machine state system that lets level designers decide if an object can be frozen or set on fire, if it can be destroyed by fire, if it propagates fire, how long it takes to thaw if it’s frozen and so on.

The state machine script is attached to each interactive object. Level designers decide what can be burned, frozen etc.

This system is the base of the puzzles in the game. Here is the script in its entirety:


And these are some examples of what the above code does with related code snippets:

Fire propagates between flammable objects
Freezing objects makes them slide more easily

I am also very happy about how the creature mechanic turned out. One of the inspirations for this project was Pikmin, and I worked hard to try and make the creatures follow the player in a way that was both believable and cute.

After being found, a creature will follow the player during the game

I wrote more about the making of this game and some of its systems in an article on Made with Unity.

Where you can find it

You can download it here (PC version. Please contact me if you would like to play the Mac version).