Viral Invasion – 2018

What is it

  • A sandbox VR game currently in development at Hatrabbit. We described it as a Job Simulator meets Mars Attacks but with social elements. The idea was to give a bit more structure and competitive elements to sandbox VR games. The game can be played against or with other alien players or just solo.
  • In the game you play as an alien invading Planet Earth not with violence, but by becoming a viral celebrity. Your main goal is to gather as many human followers as possible in order to control Earth. You do this by invading Earth’s major cities, where you play and interact with the world and create spectacular mayhem. Exploring the world and finding new things to do is part of the adventure. As you progress you unlock new missions, cities and gadgets with achievements available in various places. You can utilize humans to play golf, tennis, shoot at targets and other delightful challenges.

What I did in this project

Starting from a theme concept created by the owners of Hatrabbit, I worked on defining the gameplay and the scope. I then worked on the scripting and design of the prototype and I am currently working on scripting and game design on the project.