Djävla Delicious – 2017

What is it

  • VR game developed for Oculus Rift as the second game project at Futuregames school.
  • Made in 4 weeks using Unreal Engine 4
  • The player plays as a demonic cook who must cook hellish specialties by cutting monster parts and cooking them.
  • The game is a horror/comedic blend of the arcade action of Fruit Ninja VR and the time juggling pressure of cooking games.

What I did in this project

I came up with the initial concept and I worked on game design and Blueprint scripting. When it comes to scripting, I worked on the customer and queue system, movement of game objects, UI, save system and the categorization of body parts – as the game recognizes when the player cuts specifically a foot or a slice of a shin, for example.

Additionally, I acted as project manager ensuring that the 4 week project kept in scope whilst hitting milestones.

The player needs to get the ingredients by cutting with speed and precision
Djävla Delicious supports cutting procedural meshes in different pieces, each of them recognized by the game
The player can use gestures to release the ingredients from the skewer
When the food is ready, it is served automatically to the customers