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Game Industry Experience

Senior Game Designer at Embark

Stockholm – September 2020 to present

I am currently working on Embark’s creative platform, a sandbox online multiplayer game that empowers players to create without editors or coding. I am working both on the design of features and systems but also creation of content in the platform itself. In particular, I am focused on trying to enable players to create rich, emergent gameplay with simple tools.

Enemy & AI designer at Arrowhead GS

Stockholm – February 2019 – September 2020

I worked on Enemy Design and AI scripting forHelldivers 2. In this role I worked both with artists, programmers and other designers on the look and feel of enemies. I also worked on the enemies and NPCs behaviors using a custom scripting system.

Teacher of Advanced Game Design

Stockholm – 2019 – Present

I occasionally hold different courses and workshops related to Game Design at the Future Games school. I created and held courses about designing systems for video games, with a special focus on emergent systems, courses on AI design and courses about prototyping. In accordance with Future Games’s core principles about learning via a creative and hands-on approach, the courses require students to create game systems, participate in workshops and solve problems similar to those encountered in everyday work in the game industry.

Junior Narrative Designer at Ubisoft Stockholm

Stockholm – August 2018 – February 2019

I worked on the early concept stages of an unannounced project, collaborating closely with the Narrative Director to establish and research core narrative ideas.

Game Designer at Hatrabbit AB

Stockholm – October 2017 – August 2018

I worked as game designer and developer, creating concepts and prototypes for new VR games and working with scripting, game design and UX. My duties included initial concept creation, designing and documenting features, creating features and systems and prototypes such as Viral Invasion. I also worked, as game designer and scripter, on the VR online multiplayer shooter Slightly Heroes.

Game Designer at Just Development AB

Stockholm – Summer 2017

I worked part-time, as a summer job, with the developers of the app Just Football to improve the game mechanics of their product. The app launched in the beginning of September and it reached the second most downloaded free app in the sport category of the App Store.

Founder, Game Designer, 2D Artist, Coder at Bumblebee Studios HB

Stockholm – June 2012 – June 2017

Founder, game designer, graphic artist, additional programmer and producer at the independent game company Bumblebee Studios.
At Bumblebee I created – together with another person – the original casual iOS and Android games Derat Inc. (2012), Heads Will Roll (2015) and Breaking Brix (2016), the medical app La Mia Voce (2013) and different versions of Buy and Sell, an advertising game for some e-commerce sites.

User Acquisition Specialist at Paradox Interactive

Stockholm – June 2014 – November 2014

As a User Acquisition Specialist I conceived, created and managed PPC and CPM campaigns promoting several games, DLCs, bundles and sales. I worked on a variety of different channels with custom-made campaigns on many of the biggest sites in the game industry. I also planned and oversaw the creative part of some of these campaigns.

QA and Localisation Tester at Rockstar Games

Lincoln, UK – January 2006 – August 2006

I worked as a QA and Localisation Tester for Rockstar Games, in Lincoln, UK. My duties involved both bug testing and localizing the Italian translation. Games I worked on: Grand Theft Auto Liberty City Stories (PS2), Prey (PC), Bully / Canis Canem Edit (PS2), Warriors (PSP), Grand Theft Auto Vice City Stories (PSP).

Marketing and Journalism Experience

Digital Strategist at Keybroker AB

Stockholm – March 2015 – August 2016 

In this position I worked on creating digital marketing strategies for a variety of clients, including some of the largest e-commerce actors in Sweden. My main area of interest was consulting on SEO, Conversion Rate Optimization, UX, content marketing and other inbound marketing techniques. In this position I was also responsible for the work of digital specialists.

SEO Expert at SCM Ventures, Schibsted Group

Stockholm – October 2010 – June 2014

SEO Expert working on Blocket websites for SCM Ventures.

Senior Site Manager at Web Guide Partner AB

Stockholm – February 2009 – October 2010 

Duties included Search Engine Marketing, on- and off-site Search Engine Optimization and production of editorial content.

Assignment Manager at Besedo AB

Stockholm – January 2007 – January 2009

I managed the team that took care of the customer service and user generated content moderation operations. The team worked on the classified website My duties included measurement of efficiency and productivity of my team of ca.10 people.

I also worked as an external consultant for similar client websites in other markets ( in Sweden, in Spain, in Portugal) setting up customer service and moderation operations and testing.

Journalist at Edizioni/Edizioni Master/Future Media Italy et al.

January 2001 – October 2010

Contributor and editor for a wide variety of paper magazines and websites, including the Official Xbox Magazine and the Italian version of Edge Magazine. My range of work included news, reviews, features and interviews, mainly about videogame and technology (more details upon request). Amongst other projects, I am one of the hosts of the oldest Italian videogaming podcast, Ringcast.



Game Design program, 2016 – 2018

University of Palermo

Bachelor degree, Journalism, 2000 – 2005


Italian (Native or bilingual proficiency)

English (Full professional proficiency)

Swedish (Professional working proficiency)

Spanish (Elementary proficiency)


Game Development

Unity 3D – 10+ years of use

C#, Blueprint and different proprietary scripting languages

Unreal Engine 4


Perforce, SVN, Mercurial, GIT

Scrum methodology

Photoshop, Illustrator and Blender