Other Game Projects

Buy and Sell game (2013)

What is it

A small promotional game on Facebook we made on behalf of several Blocket-like sites in Guatemala, Costa Rica, Mexico and Tunisia. The game is based on the concept of having to get rid of all things from a garage by selling them before the timer runs to zero. The player has to drag each object with the mouse out of a room without having to touch other objects. Each object has a score value; dragging an object out of the door adds to the score, while bumping against another object subtracts the value from the total score.

What I did in this project

I did all the programming except the leaderboard integration with Facebook, all game design, all level design, all graphics.


La Mia Voce/Ma Voix (2013)

What is it

La Mia Voce (Italian)/Ma Voix (French) is a medical app made on behalf of the pharmaceutical company Merck. The purpose of the app is to help people affected by throat cancer or other speech issues to communicate. The app features pre-recorded sentences, a voice synthesizer and a virtual chalkboard where the user can write.

What did I did in this project

I acted as producer, keeping the contacts with the client, discussing the specifications, negotiating features and working on asset optimization in Unity.


The Lost Creatures (2016) – Game Design Document

What is it

A complete game design document I made for a course while at Futuregames. The assignment was to come up with an original concept and write a game design document based on that concept. My idea was about a Lemmings-like minimalist puzzle game for VR, with a focus on mobile VR platforms.

Read it here