Little Robot Escape – 2017

What is it

A game design exercise focused on game design and UI. The task was to make a 2.5 platformer game in Unity all by myself in two weeks, including a basic UI. The result is a short but, hopefully, polished little game.

What I did in this project

Everything, apart from 3D graphics, was made by me.

Where you can find it

Download the game or play the in-browser WebGL version on

The core of the game is platforming (I tried to make controls that were as polished and reactive as possible)
The twist on the formula is that the little robot can turn into energy in some spots and travel between these nodes. This allows for some light puzzle elements in the game.
Part of the assignment required me to design and implement a fully functional UI. I tried to give it more flair by using a slightly futuristic graphic style and animating transitions.