And another one: Spherecats

After I made a game with Godot in two weeks, I tried to make another one in even less time. I have been low-key obsessed with the Japanese viral hit Suika, also known as Watermelon game, a little puzzle game that got very popular in Japan and several sites talked about. The game released today on Switch (go play it!) but a couple of weeks ago, when I started this project, it was only available in Japan and only an unofficial web version was available.

The original Suika/Watermelon game

I thought “maybe I can do something like that in a week” and, since I wanted to learn a bit more about Godot’s 2D workflow and physics, I decided to try. I made Spherecats in around ten days.

It wasn’t a complete smooth experience. Some persistent physics bugs that may or may not still be in the game frustrated me immensely. I also decided to release it in a very barebone state, because I took this as an exercise and because I didn’t feel completely fine trying to polish too much something so similar to the original inspiration.

In the end I feel like my game is different enough from the original to make me a bit proud. I decided to focus on making the spheres (fruits in the original, cats in this one) more bouncy and with less friction to open up more strategic possibilities. And of course, being a free web game makes it inherently more accessible.

It was fun to make, I loved drawing the cats and having my daughter make cat noises to put in the game.